UNCLE SEAGULL , a love letter/ransom note to Anton Chekhov  devised by the ensemble in the classic Libertinis fashion - is a glimpse into the lives of three seagull sisters stuck in a cherry orchard who can’t get back to the sea, no matter how achingly they long to leave. Katya insists on a life of decadent proprietary, despite their virtual isolation. Vera longs for dashing adventure, but can’t tear her heart away from the affairs that torture her. Sasha has forfeited herself to dutiful toil and hopes for little beyond endless cherry pits and stacks of homework to grade. But when the orchard of their childhood changes right beneath their webbed feet, will they summon the courage to fly? 

Hattie Hellkat
Tootsie Spangles
Woody Shticks
Anna Freelund
Fantasia Oslund

Cast and Crew



Devised The Libertinis with additional material shamelessly pilfered from everybirdy's favorite Russian poet, Anton Chekhov. 


Featuring: Hattie Hellkat

Tootsie Spangles, & Woody Shticks 


Stage manager: Anna Freelund


Costume Assistance: Fantasia Oslund 


Promo Photos 

Cast and Crew

Family Portrait
Hattie Hellkat as Katya
Tootsie Spangles as Vera
Woody Shticks as Sasha
Seagull Sisters
Seagull Sisters
Seagull Sisters
Seagull Sisters
Night owls and Seagulls
Great Grandbirdy
Seagull Sisters

Audience Photo booth 

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