RUMPUS! Season Two Fundrasier

RUMPUS! Season Two Fundraiser. August 2013.  Featuring performances by Eva Fairwood, Allexa laycock, Noah Duffy, Blood Ensemble, and more!

The Dinner with Death Comedy Hour

The Dinner with Death Comedy Hour.  November 2013. A devised play The Libertinis. When three estranged friends are mysteriously gathered at a mansion on a hill, they hope to finally find closure around the disappearance of their dearest friend years earlier. What they find is a twisted tale of passion, betrayal, and chicken strips

"...I was unprepared for the work’s arrestingly poignant – even tragic – commentary on depression, complacency, alcoholism, and loneliness. Also present, and equally intense, was a sparkly, dancing cupcake that giggled delightedly as it revealed a set of fangs and disturbingly long, red fingers.

Somehow, all of this made sense. Every last bit of this show was treated with a brazen sincerity that made it both heartbreaking and comical, a balance that The Libertinis carry off exceedingly well."  - Crystal Tassels. Read full review here

"...Hilarious, nostalgic, bizarre, and a little gut-wrenching." - Violet T.   " ...magical. spooky, heartwarming, and hilarious" - Eva F. 


Gone wild!

Gone Wild!  Spring 2014. A burlesque nature documentary play that follows Quincy Von Poodle, a zoologist named Randall, and an evil tap dancing dolphin around the world. They travel through jungles, grasslands, and regional airports as they seek to capture a new species of shape shifting creatures! Meanwhile, an insurgent butterfly is preparing for a revolution that may change the world...or at least Rollingsford, New Hampshire!
If David Attenborough, Bettie Page, and The Muppets all mated and spawned a production it would a lot like GONE WILD!

GONE WILD! was originally created and conceived by Seattle’s sexiest interdisciplinary arts ensemble, The Libertinis ( Hattie Hellkat, Tootsie Spangles, Miz Melancholy, Woody Shticks) and written in collaboration with Max Kirchner. The show also features local burlesque artists and actors Marcus Gorman, Maxie Milieu, Sailor St. Claire, Jacquelyn Miedema, Dayo Anderson, and Razzberry Rocket. Stage Managed by Cynthia Kelly with lighting designed by Emily Leong.

"..But his top-rated performance for 2014 was Gone Wild by the Libertinis. It was a really funny, really great, perfect little show." - The  Stranger

"..ridiculously fun" - Nickolai P.   "My cheeks hurt from laughing!" - Terry C.  a late night of smart, silly, raucous entertainment." Jesse B. 


P(ART)Y! Produced in association with The Pocket Theater

Summer 2014

Have you ever wondered what an art gallery run by naked clowns would look like? Well, you're in luck, because the Libertinis are throwing a great big P(ART)Y! is a showcase of new work by The Libertinis and their special friends, P(ART)Y is the place for art lovers of boundless mediums to mingle over cheap beer, scrumptious cupcakes, and fresh performances. At this P{ART}Y, performers Maxie Milieu and Jackie Miedema will shake things up with visual artists Andrea Gahl, Laurel R. Dodge, and Starheadboy to mix high art and low morals.


"....Hysterical!" - D'Arcy H.


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