the Libertinis: Secret Diary Season Three


Our final MainStage Show of Season Three!  Process, Pictures and More! 

About the show

Bust out your gas mask and appetite for canned peaches, because The Libertinis are taking you down...underground! 


Tickets are $20 in advance. $15 for student, TPS & BHOF members


ATOMIC FALLS, USA - a devised play fashioned by The Libertinis with Max Kirchner - chronicles the exploits of a 1950s subterranean community forced into an exquisitely-outfitted fallout shelter after an atomic event too hot to handle. As the days in the bunker tick by, morale plummets. What are sock hoppers to do to stave off boredom, dodge self-destruction, and cling to their sanity? Why, band together and create something spectacular...with plenty of jello molds, social dancing, and the Bombs Away Revue!

ATOMIC FALLS, USA features the explosive talents of Libertinis Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks, with Jackie Miedema, Marcus Gorman, Kiki Penoyer, Lauren Skelton, Melissa Fenwick, Connor Kinzer, and an inventive lighting design by Emily Leong. 



July 22nd, 2015


Alice (Melissa Fenwick) smokes her favorite brand: ticonderoga with Lavinia (Kiki Penoyer)  

Dillon (Connor Kinzer) and Joy (Lauren Skelton) struggle to keep a straight face. 

Choreographer, Woody Shticks leads the ensemble through a dance number. 

Does canned cheese ever go bad? Did that bear just talk to us?! Atomic Falls,USA answers these questions and more! 


The cast spent a lot of time researching the 1950s. This included a plethora of social educational films and commericials. 


Duck And Cover (1951) Bert The Turtle Civil Defense Film


Walt Disney presents The Story Of Menstruation


Commercials mash-up. "Husbands being dicks about coffee"

Meet the 

subterranean community of Atomic Falls,USA



Melissa Fenwick as Alice Mueller

Melissa Fenwick as Alice Mueller

Woody Shticks as Marcus Mueller

Woody Shticks as Marcus Mueller

Tootsie Spangles as Sharon Peters

Tootsie Spangles as Sharon Peters

Kiki Penoyer as Lavinia Lawless

Kiki Penoyer as Lavinia Lawless

Marcus Gorman as Sherman Sandler

Marcus Gorman as Sherman Sandler

Lauren Skelton as Joy Peters

Lauren Skelton as Joy Peters

Connor Kinzer as Dillon Sandler

Connor Kinzer as Dillon Sandler

Jackie Miedema as Gayle Francis-Lynn

Jackie Miedema as Gayle Francis-Lynn

Hattie Hellkat as Chip Mueller

Hattie Hellkat as Chip Mueller

Get those tickets while they're radioactive! See you Underground! 

Yer Cheatin' Heart 

Our Spring MainStage Show! Press release, Process, Pictures and More! 

About the show

Saddle Up for The Libertinis’ YER CHEATIN’ HEART - a whiskey-soaked, dust-in-your-boots murder ballad that promises to ruffle your petticoat.

Tickets are $20 in advance for $30 you can be onstage and part of the action! 

YER CHEATIN’ HEART takes us to Hope Springs - a dried-up tumbleweed of a town that can still remember the good ol’ days of thriving enterprise and sunlit promise. As the town decays around the very people who love it most, a desperate soul guns down the only chance Hope Springs has of resurrection. Searching for justice and led by instinct, a scrappy bar owner and a wanna-be cowboy have no choice but to take justice into their own hands - and learn that mercy has no business in a place like Hope Springs. 

In addition to the founding Libertinis Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks, YER CHEATIN’ HEART will feature the crazed genius of Jackie Miedema, Maxie Milieu, Spencer T. Hamp, Sin de la Rosa, and Dorothy Massey, and master playwright Max Kirchner (The Libertinis GONE WILD! at Annex Theatre).



April 9th, 2015


"Yer Cheatin' Heart is the gritty, whiskey-soaked, dust in your boots western I've longed to live in since childhood. Raised in a land steeped with cowboys and eternal optimism, Yer Cheatin' Heart is an homage to tenacity and hope that built the west. Sometimes they're all you've got. Sometimes they're all you need. Well, that and the 'still those bootleggers left behind'." - Director and Ensemble member, Hattie Hellkat


First read through of YER CHEATIN' HEART. Like all Libertini productions, this script went through several drafts with edits and additions made by the ensemble and playwright.

Behind the scenes of the character photoshoot! We were very fortunate to get to work with the wonderful Jonath Ochs

Hattie Hellkat, Spencer T. Hamp, & Max Kirchner work on The Ballad of Hope Springs- An orginally written song that chronicles The trials and tribulations of the town. 

       "I've always had a special place in my heart for the wild west. Growing up in Montana, I' was constantly surrounded by the rich history and dirty aesthetic."  - Libertini and ensemble member Tootsie Spangles


   Some of my fondest memores growing up were visiting my grandparents tiny ghost town in North Dakota. It was founded before it was even a state! It had the main street with a general store, post office, bar, and about five churches, somehow.  Before they started tearing down the 100 year old buildings, my cousins and I would play cowboy and take turns pretending to rob the bank that stood on the corner of Main Street. I loved spending those long summer afternoons pretending to be a notorious wild west bandit. After robbing the bank, we'd sneak in the boarded up general store and scare eachother with embellished tales of the notorious Spicer Murder Case that happened in  a town down the road in the late 1800s.


My cousins would head back to my grandparents house and I'd walk over to one of the cemeteries in town and try to find the oldest date on the tombstones and make up stories in my head about all the people who lived and died in that town. Before I'd leave, I'd always stop and lay dandelions on my older brother's grave who was buried there right before I was born. Since then, other families members have been layed to rest in that same cemetery. When I die, I hope to join them. I used to wonder, "Why would people stay in a dying town?'


Much like the characters in the fictional town of Hope Springs, we cling to our history, our loved ones, and our home. It can be hard to leave. Scary to leave. Even if it's a ghost of its former self.


    Now with a booming population of 20, my grandparents hometown serves as a inspiration for the barely surviving town of Hope Springs. Hope Springs is a town so cursed and unlucky that even Lewis and Clark reported back to President Jefferson that it was uninhabitable! Against all odds, the town rose, flourished, and came to the brink, through a series of awful and unforunate events. The citizens of Hope Springs may have clear whiskey and brown water, but they also have grit, a murder to solve, and a ballad to sing. 



the site of many afternoon bank robberies 

"Look at that shit hole, Clark. I'm glad we don't live there." 


Birdie Russell: The Barkeep

Birdie Russell: The Barkeep

Clem Cladwell: The Sheriff

Clem Cladwell: The Sheriff

Maisey Dukes: The Stranger

Maisey Dukes: The Stranger

Cecil Spade: The Civil Servant

Cecil Spade: The Civil Servant

Abraham Wilcox: The Prodigal Son

Abraham Wilcox: The Prodigal Son

Faye Windfall: The Entertainer

Faye Windfall: The Entertainer

Mister Licker: The Founding Father

Mister Licker: The Founding Father

Adelaide Wilcox: The Dusty Rose

Adelaide Wilcox: The Dusty Rose

Meet the townsfolk of Hope Springs!



Never Forget!

Hope Springs is a town ripe with calamity.


Don't get left in the dust! Get your tickets today!

We've been nominated for The BroadwayWorld Regional Seattle Awards!

December 3rd, 2014


Friends,Romans, Countrymen- The Libertinis GONE WILD! A Savage Romp Through the Animal Kingdom   is nominated for Best New/Original/Adaptation (Play or Musical) and Best Special Theatre Event.  Gone Wild! as you may recall, was written in collaboration with Max Kirchner and produced by Annex Theatre   The community writes in nominations, and the community gets to vote!!

We are so tickled by this 1) because we are extremely proud of that crazy-ass show and 2) People are often (delightfully)  confused on how to categorize The Libertinis.

Aren't you a burlesque troupe? No.

Are you a theatre company? You're getting warmer. 

What are you?! We are an inter*arts gang or a interdisciplinary performance ensemble. We shake together theatre, burlesque, and clown into one deliciously weird cocktail. We write collaboratively and generative  our material in rehearsals. We hire actors, burlesque performers, dancers, clowns and performers from all disciplines to tell original and exciting stories. Not very often...but unfortunately sometimes people thumb their nose at the idea of incorporating  "low art"  forms into our productions.  So to be nominated with a show that was composed entirely around burlesque (a "low art") with pillars of the Seattle Theatre community makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside! 

That kicks ass! Can I vote? Fuck yes.                                                    Please vote HERE! 





This is how we feel about this news!


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Spread the word and the love and please vote! 

Thank You! 

xox,Tootsie,Woody,& Hattie

I           Photo by Mary and Bert Photography 

Oral Tradition

Our fall mainstage show! Process, press release, pictures and more!

  Some Oral Tradition inspiration

Open wide, friends because we are serving up the first mainstage show of Season Three! If you're asking yourself..."what even is ORAL TRADITION?" Well ORAL TRADITION is unlike anyhing us chickens have done before. We're slamming stories harder, and weirder than they have ever been slammed before! ORAL TRADITION will feature three different tawdry, heartstring- pullin, wacky, and true tales told by Tootsie Spangles, Woody Shticks, and Hattie Hellkat.  ORAL TRADITION, is, at it's heart, storytime with The Libertinis. As an inter*arts gang, we explore different facets of perfomance. With ORAL TRADITION, we're exploring the intimate powers of theatrical storytelling! 


Inspiration for this show came in the form of our love of telling stories,our own personal storytelling traditions within our families, listening to stories (like story podcasts The Moth, Snap Judgement, and Risk),and our collective love of words. 

We've spent the last few months sharing insane stories with eachother! The three of us know eachother pretty well...we know eachother WAY more now that we have spent countless hours spilling our guts, secrets, and hearts to eachother.  In our process we've been delighted to find that regardless of context, there are moments in life that slap you in the face or goose you or embrace you in a way that seems universal. Sharing a story with someone is a sure fire way to prompt discussion and camaraderie. Ultimately, our hope is that our family of audience members hear a line that makes them think "I feel that hard!"Whether it's at bar with strangers, between the sheets with lover, or in a theatre with friends, there is something incredibly intimate and potentially magical about sharing a story with others. We can't wait to share ours with you and hopefully after the show, you'll join us at the bar after and share your stories with us! 


ORAL TRADITION  delves a little more deeply into The Libertinis themsevles. What has shaped us? Why is that relevant? We love to create larger than life worlds for ourselves and our community. What does that look like when applied to one of the earliest forms of theatrical entertainment? We love combining so many influences and genres and themes and colors of glitter to make that extra-special Libertinis seasoning salt.  Even though the work we make lives between so many different kinds of performance, it's all still storytelling. This process is reminding us that good storytelling will ALWAYS be enough. The rest is just seasoning salt- delicious,sparkly seasoning salt. 


If you're now thinking "I'm into this..where is this all happening!?" 

We are happy to be producing ORAL TRADITION with our friends at The Pocket Theater!   If you have never been to The Pocket, well then you are in for a treat! It's a blackbox located in the heart of Greenwood! ORAL TRADITION runs about 60 minutes. There is a bar at the Pocket, and it's conveniently nearby a lot of great restraurants bars, and coffee shops. We suggest grabbing  a burrito the size of an infant at Gordito's, beer, burgers, and/or salads at The Naked City Brewery, Gluten free pizza at Razzi's Pizzeria,  or The greatest Greek meal you'll ever eat in Seattle  at Gorgeous George's! Seriously, order all the food there because those leftovers will taste just as good at 2am.  Hmm, now we all just got super hungry...

The Details..

When: Nov. 7, 8, 14 at 10pm, Nov 16 at 7pm

Where: The Pocket Theater. 8312 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Tickets- $10 online, $14 at the Door.

PLUS....Everyone who purchases a ticket to Oral Tradition is invited to our special party event -Oral Tradition:Stripped at a secret location on Nov 15th!!   Here how this works- You buy a ticket to our show (7,8,14,16) and you'll be invited (for free) to Oral Tradition:Stripped. We'll email you a address. It's BYOB, there will be snacks, We'll party, We'll tell stories, we'll invite you to tell stories, and we'll dance! It's going to be loads of fun! 

  •   Can I just go to Oral Tradition:Stripped? - NO. This event is only for audience members who have purchased a ticket to see Oral Tradition. It's our way to party with the awesome people who support us, to thank them, and give them a second helping of stories, and invite them to slam their own!

  • Wait...How does Oral Tradition:Stripped work? We made a handy litte video to answer all your question! 



Grab a bite before the show! Greenwood has a lot of great restaurants.  

Oct 29th, 2014

And now....some sneaky peak teasers about the 3 stories you'll hear at Oral Tradtion!




 Tootsie Spangles 



  You, after seeing Oral Tradition

see you there!!

warm hugs, The Libertinis

Storytellers: Tootsie Spangles, Woody Shticks, and Hattie Hellkat. Photo by Mary and Bert Photography

RUMPUS!!! Season Three Announcement and Special Thanks 

September 23rd, 2014


You may be asking yourself... "What the hell is a Rumpus?" Well, dear friend, Rumpus!!! is our annual season blastoff and FUNdraiser, and this year's bash was a huge success! Rumpus!!! is our opportunity to showcase our work and spotlight our wildly talented friends, and to raise money for our upcoming season in the most fun and entertaining way possible. Rumpus!!!2.0 featured face painting, tarot reading, a photo booth, silent auction, and signature Libertinis treats. Not only a party- the evening was also a soiree-themed cabaret.  Jackie Miedema served it up as hostess with the mostess for this event and introduced a slew of acts featuring hot messes, wallflowers, escalated arguments, odd ducks, party tricks/crafts, drunken Shakespeare, and even persuaded our audience to divulge thier most embarrassing party stories for the world to hear!  More on that below, but first we need to say THANK YOU to sooooo many people! It's really does take a whole village to raise our weird alien art babies. 




Our donors for Rumpus!!!  




You make us ugly cry with happiness. 


Paul Philion

Sailor St. Claire 

Elise DeGuisseppi

Razzberry Rocket

Beau Prichard 

Clayton & The Pocket Theatre

Anne Kirchner

Jesus La Pinga 


  • Everyone that donated their dollar bills, time, and talent to us-THANK YOU! 


  • Our gorgeous volunteers Maggie McMuffin, Lindsey Leonard, Hillary Neal, and Cynthia Kelly- We simply couldn't have done it without you!


  • Our raucous audience (some of who just found us on the google and thought "hey that sounds like fun"), - Your rowdy presence and appreciation for blue humor was truly invaluable!


  • All you graceful beings who have ever offered The Libertinis support in the form of dollar bills, advice, hugs, donated goods, and well wishes - you make our hearts sing! 



...and now for the special announcements!


We are thrilled to add a new branch on the Libertini family tree:

Associate Artist! 


  • What is an Associate Artist? A  very special friend and frequent collaborator with The Libertinis who will work on our various productions and events throughout Season Three in a variety of capacities! We've played with all our current Associate Artists previously, and we love them so hard we've contracted them to create with us during Season Three!

  • Who are the Associate Artists? Maxie Milieu, Jackie Miedema, and Miz Melancholy!

  • What will they be doing? Stay tuned for show announcements... Associate Artists can be performers in our shows, writers, choreographers, designers etc. 


Check out our ENSEMBLE page for pics and bios, and we're thrilled to welcome our Season Three Associate Artists to the team!





...and now for more special announcements...


We'll be continuing our collaboration with The Pocket Theater! The Pocket Theater  will be our producing partners and partners- in- crime with our P(art)Y Series! 

P(art)Y is our chance to collaborate with artist of all genres to create fabulous one-night-only blowouts. Each P(art)Y will center around a different theme. Keep your eyes peeled for the P(art)Ys happening in Jan, March, and May!  Our debut P(arty)Y took place in July, and we had a grand old time. Click Here to find out more info about P(art)y at The Pocket.







...and now, the moment you've been waiting for...


Woody Shticks ugly crying with happiness over our amazing donors. 


Miz Melancholy

Maxie Milieu

Jackie Miedema

Associate Artists for Season Three

 Fearless leader of the pocket theater and awesome human,  Clayton Weller

 We're back for thirds and we are serving up THREE mainstage productions directed by each of The Libertinis! 


In November- Get ready for stories to be slammed harder, weirder, and sexier than they have ever been slammed before with 

ORAL TRADITION directed by Woody Shticks. 

Starring Hattie Hellkat, Tootsie Spangles, and Woody Shticks.  Produced in association with The Pocket Theater.


In Spring of 2015 enter a sepia toned wasteland of guts, grit, and ten-gallon hats with the Western murder ballad- YER CHEATIN' HEART directed by Hattie Hellkat. 


In Summer 2015,  Audiences will go back in time  to the 1950s and become citizens of the underground community Atomic Falls, USA. directed by Tootsie Spangles. 

There you have it, folks!  We have a full plate of Associate Artists, our P(art)ys with The Pocket Theater, and three mainstage productions - we are truly tickled to launch our new season! Please stay tuned for more information about calls for designers, stage managers, and performers! Keep your eyes peeled for audition notices... Once again thank you to our donors and supporters! If you're reading this and would like to support us well  there are many ways you can do that ! Click Here to see the many ways you can get involved. We always accept donations via paypal at





      Stay tuned and stay hungry! 

          We're back for thirds!

       Love and endless thanks,

       Hattie, Tootsie, & Woody


Photos by Brittni Thoreson