September 2014.

Season three Fundrasier

performance and party.


Rumpus Season Fundraiser

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Oral Tradition 

Oral Tradition

Written by The Libertinis .Directed by Woody Shticks,

Stage manager and lighting design by Emily Leong

November 2014

Libertini founding producers Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks slammed stories  harder, sexier, and weirder than they’ve ever been slammed before. ORAL TRADITION featured three tawdry, tragic, and true tales that made you tingle in your hearts and parts! ORAL TRADITION, produced in association with The Pocket Theater was a 60 minute fast-paced theatrical storytelling event. The Stories featured were "The Crisis Fetish" by Woody Shticks, "Petco:Where the Pets Die" by Hattie Hellkat, and "The Ladie's Guide to Fashion" by Tootsie Spangles. All ticket holders to ORAL TRADITION where also invited to our house party/story slam event called ORAL TRADITION: Stipped.

"holy crap that was fantastic!" - Amara S. 

"Mind is blown. What a fantastic show you guys put on tonight." - Violet D.

Petco:Where the Pets go to die

Written and peformed by Hattie Hellkat

The Ladies' Guide to Fashion

Written and peformed by Tootsie Spangles

The Crisis Fetish

Written and performed by Woody Shticks

Birthday P(ART)Y

..."so much fun!" -Sarah L   
"You guys are awesome." Nikolai P.


Birthday P(ART)Y!

Jan. 2015

God has been taking a more "hands off" approach to the human race lately. Now she must decided if we are worth saving or if she should just say "fuck it and bring back the dinosaurs!"

Arriving via immaculate conception, three  babies are tasked with going out into world and changing it for the better. Those babies are none other than The Libertinis, Hattie,Woody, & Tootsie!

"Let's go be research scientists,"  

"Let's volunteer with underprivledged youth in economically depressed areas!" 

"Let's help baby ducks cross the street!" 

With the help of their no-nonsense guardian angel, Michelle, The Libertinis completely fuck it up and decide to become artists instead. God. is. pissed. Now they must prove to The Lord that they aren't completely worthless and that humans are worth saving! Dancing Bears, clowns, and cake sitting! It's the dawn of a new time. Happy Birthday to us all! 



The Birth
God doesn't like artists
The Stripper
The Storyteller
The Clown
The Bearenstoned Bears
The Bearenstoned Bears
The Birth of the birthday cake
A cake is born
Sit on that cake!
Post show revelry: The Flabongo

Yer Cheatin' Heart


Yer Cheatin' Heart takes us to Hope Springs - a dried-up tumbleweed of a town that can still remember the good ol’ days of thriving enterprise and sunlit promise. As the town decays around the very people who love it most, a desperate soul guns down the only chance Hope Springs has of resurrection. Searching for justice and led by instinct, a scrappy bar owner and a wanna-be cowboy have no choice but to take justice into their own hands - and learn that mercy has no business in a place like Hope Springs. 

In addition to the founding Libertinis Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks, YER CHEATIN’ HEART will feature the crazed genius of Jackie Miedema, Maxie Milieu, Spencer T. Hamp, Sin de la Rosa, and Dorothy Massey, and master playwright Max Kirchner (The Libertinis GONE WILD! at Annex Theatre).

"Delicious storytelling by smart people." - Selby. S   "The Libertinis put on one hell of a show." - Crystal T.