Oral Tradition - November 2014

created and written by The Libertinis. Directed by Woody Shticks 




To Kick off season Three, Libertini founding producers Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks slammed stories harder, sexier, and weirder than they’ve ever been slammed before.ORAL TRADITION is a theatrical storytelling show that featured three tawdry, wacky, tragic, and TRUE tales! 

 Directed by Woody Shticks and produced in association with The Pocket Theater. ORAL TRADITION ran for a very limited engagement on November 7th, 8th, 14th, and 16th at The Pocket Theater in Greenwood. Everyone who purchased a ticket to one of these shows was also granted exclusive access to ORAL TRADITION: STRIPPED - a house party/story slam at a secret location on November 15th!





What people said about Oral tradition...

"Holy crap guys, that was fantastic. I bought tickets for the show not knowing what to expect (stripping?clowns? Stripping clowns?) and ended up humbled and delighted."- audience member


If you get a chance to go see @TheLibertinis' #oraltradition... it is wickedly funny and at times truly heartbreaking. Outstanding! - Miss Violet DeVille via Twitter

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