The Fantastic Misadventures of Twisty Shakes 

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Summer mainstage production!

Get down with The Libertinis and their all-new fantasy quest: THE FANTASTIC MISADVENTURES OF TWISTY SHAKES! Seattle’s sexiest interarts gang and writer Marcus Gorman will take you on a wild ride across space and time to unearth the mysteries of the multiverse, all in the boundless Ballard Underground.

August 5, 6 ,12 13 ,19,20 @ 8pm!



A whimsical, rip-roaring crusade through a kingdom of intrepid go-go dancers, mole people, sky pirates, and warring demigods, THE FANTASTIC MISADVENTURES OF TWISTY SHAKES is a hard-rocking, rump-shaking, road-tripping odyssey inspired by the fantasy movies of the ‘80s, the music of the ‘70s, and the simplistic morality of the ‘60s. Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks will resort to drastic measures alongside…

Libertinis darling JACKIE MIEDEMA!
Funk lover RAZZ ROCKET!
The hilarious ladies of Day Job, MOLLY TELLERS, CAITIE AULD, and KARA O’CONNOR!
Associate Director and evil genius KIKI PENOYER!
Lighting Designer and magic maker EMILY RYCHLICK!
Costume Designer and fashion phoenix FANTASIA OSLUND!
And of course, head writer and art monster MARCUS GORMAN!

The Libertinis have been spotted shaking theatre, neo-burlesque, and clown into one deliciously weird cocktail at Annex Theatre, Seattle Center, Ballard Underground, the Seattle Fringe Festival, church picnics, knitting groups, and art fests all over Seattle. After this fantastic misadventure, The Libertinis will host and curate Annex’s second All Smut Spin the Bottle in October, help guide The Pocket’s Fringe Month this fall, and continue their quest for world domination with low blows to high art

The Twisty Team 

Hattie Hellkat
Ensemble, Libertini
Tootsie Spangles
Ensemble, Libertini
Woody Shticks
Marcus Gorman
Head Writer
Kiki Penoyer
Associate Director
Caitie Auld
Razz Rocket
Jackie Miedema
Kara O'Connor
Fantasia Oslund
Costume Designer
Molly Tellers
Emily Rychlick
Lighting Designer
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