Meet the P(art)Y! Animals

Grab that martini shaker and a breakfast sandwich, because The Libertinis are going on a BENDER! Join Seattle’s sexiest interarts gang for the next go-round of their regular P(ART)Y series - a lost April Fools weekend of wacky new work at The Pocket Theater! 

April 1 @ 10pm!
April 2 @ 10pm!
April 3 @ 8:30pm!

Show Description - Things quickly spin out of control when the one and only Jackie Miedema crashes the latest Libertinis weekend getaway. Who invited all these people? Where did this sack of Egg McMuffins come from? And when did that lawn flamingo start giving life advice? Tootsie Spangles, Hattie HellKat, and Woody Shticks are ready to piece together the last 24 hours with the help of their special friends...

Featuring - 
Comedy queen JACKIE MIEDEMA! 
Goddess of stage and song OLIVIA LEE!
Dance master TREVOR HANSEN!
Loop-loving music maker MICHAEL HAMM!

The Scifi Sketch Duo rejected from every comedy festival west of the Misssissippi BABYFIN!
Your Pervy Pals in Pink PRINCESS!


About our P(ART)Y! series: 

P(ART)Y!  (Pronounced ART PARTY) is produced association with The Pocket Theater. It's a night(s)  of new work by The Libertinis and their special friends. It's the place for art lovers of boundless mediums to mingle over cheap beer,tasty snacks,and fresh performances. P(ART)Y! is an opportunity for us to dabble in different mediums and work with different kinds of  artists with the mission of expanding everyone's audience base. In our chance to put our fingers in every flavor of artistic pie, collaborate with new people, and create risky,exciting work.


Tootsie Spangles- sexy idiot
Babyfin- scifi sketch comedy
Michael Hamm- Musician
Princess- Sketch Comedy
Jackie Miedema- p(art)y crasher
Trevor Hansen- DAHncer
Olivia Lee- Siren of Song and Stage
Woody Shticks- siren of Lake WA
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Hattie Hellkat-no time for your shit
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Babyfin- scifi sketch comedy