Who we are

The Libertinis are an interdisciplinary performance ensemble (Interarts gang!) comprised of

Tootsie Spangles   Woody Shticks  and Hattie Hellkat.  

What we do

The Libertinis devise and deliver genre- blending and boundary-crushing storytelling guaranteed to electrify heads, hearts, guts, and groins!  We're shaking together theatre, neo-burlesque, and clown into one deliciously weird cocktail. 

For the past five seasons we've created large mainstage productions with local playwrights and featuring some of Seattle's rising stars. We've produced one night blowouts of wacky new work as part of our art party series, and brought the flabongo to the masses! 

What people are saying 

"The Libertinis make the art babies that Seattle has been waiting for. They somehow manage to splice the DNA of burlesque, theater, clowning, and performance art to leave audiences questioning what the heck kind of show they are seeing. They are original, insane, poignant and likely to get arrested (or funded by a major arts organization). Viva la Libertinis." - Jo Jo Stiletto

 "Some of the most courteous, friendly, just-plain-excited-to-be-alive-and-making-art-artists I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering." - Catherine Blake Smith

 "Wow. Just wow.

     -Copious Love Productions


 "Brett Love Saw 270 Seattle Theater and Dance Performances in 2014. By Choice....But his top-rated performance for 2014 was Gone Wild by the Libertinis. "It was a really funny, really great, perfect little show."  - The Stranger


 "For those of you who aren’t familiar with the boundary-pushing, genre-  melding arts collective known as The Libertinis, you’re missing out."

     -Crystal Tassels for Burlesque Seattle Press

 "a combination of wry wit and knockabout slapstick that'd likely elicit approval from that wascally wabbit himself.."

     -Tony Kay, CityArts

"I wish some of my friends and family members in more conservative areas of this country could be exposed to this kind of art, as I think this show could change the hearts and minds of many." - John Paul Sharp, Seattle Gay Scene

  "The Libertinis, 'Seattle's sexiest inter-arts gang,' which is definitely the best kind of gang to run into on a dark and stormy night." -Matt Baume for The Stranger

"Bright Shiny Theatre Weirdos..."  -Gemma Wilson. CityArts